5 Reasons People Experience Nerve Pains

The body contains countless of nerves, which are responsible for conveying sensations to the brain. Such sensations include pain. As much as pain is undesirable, it plays a crucial role of alerting your body to the danger that causes pain. However, the nerve system might fail to work properly, sending pain signals to the brain without there being any cause of pain. This is what is commonly referred to as nerve pains. You will experience real pain without any real cause.

Below are some of the top reasons causes of nerve problems.

Top causes of nerve problems


Cancer, as well as some other kinds of tumors, are well known to cause nerve aSDcASsdxDDxpains. As the tumors grow, they tend to press the nerves that surround them and cause them to send pain signals to the brain. It is also possible for cancer to develop from the nerves themselves. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments may at times cause nerve damage, which leads to pain.


A good number of people with diabetes are known to have nerve damage. The nerve damage leads to nerve pain. Blood having high levels of sugar (blood sugar), which has the potential to injure the nerves usually causes the damage.


Having the HIV in your body can result in nerve damage. Studies show that up to one-third of people having HIV experience nerve damage. The first symptoms to appear for such cases are usually nerve pain in the feet and hands. The antiretroviral treatment also has the potential of causing nerve damage, resulting in nerve pain.


ccaZSASxcShingles refer to a disease that is caused by a certain virus, which usually infects particular nerves produces lines of red spots that are quite painful. In most cases, the lines usually occur around the waist. The disease can be followed by post-herpetic neuralgia, a condition that is quite painful. This nerve pain type can be in particular, sudden and severe.

Physical injuries

Physical injuries may also result in some nerve problems. It is common for people to experience nerve pains after incidents such as car accidents, even after recovering from the physical injuries. In most cases, nerves that are crushed, severed, or compressed usually cause nerve pains.

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