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Dumbbell Exercise Tips

Dumbbells 11A dumbbell exercise program works well with the right weights at your disposal. Nowadays, dumbbells are growing in popularity in the gym throughout the United States.

They are also being acquired by people who want to add them to their home gym so they can do dumbbell workouts from home.

There are many types of dumbbells in the market these days. There are two main types of dumbbells. The Fixed dumbbell and the adjustable dumbbell.

The Fixed dumbbell comes in many forms sizes and shapes. You can buy the inexpensive plastic ones that are filled with sand or concrete. You can also by cast iron dumbbells, rubber coated dumbbells, and then you get to nice chrome plated dumbbells too. They differ greatly in price but would in the end suit the purpose as a weight.

Buying a set of fixed weight dumbbells will give you one weight fr any exercise you will be doing. This is alright as long as you only want to tone your body. But after some time you may feel that the dumbbells are too light. At this point, you will have to purchase a new heavier set of dumbbells. You will find that as you progress in increasing your weights the space needed to store fixed weight dumbbells will increase.

Then you get the adjustable dumbbell. This is a truly versatile item as it comes with a range of weights that can be added or reduced depending on your workout. Adjustable dumbbells are more expensive than fixed weight dumbbells but, in fact, are more suited especially if you don’t have much space for storage.Dumbbells 12

With an adjustable dumbbell, you can gradually increase your weight as you progress in your exercise routine.

There are many kinds of adjustable dumbbells in the market. Some require you to loosen a nut at each end to add or reduce weight while the most modern ones can be adjusted with the turn of a knob.

Dumbbells – whether they are rubber framed or chrome, fixed or adjustable dumbbells -can be purchased easily and cheaply from establishments offering workout equipment online. Online prices tend to be lower that buying at a shop and sometimes offer free shipping right to your door.

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