Benefits of an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

kneeling chair 02What is an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair? The fact is that it represents the true sense of what ergonomics is all about.

This means developing new ideas to make people work better in the office. The first Ergonomic chair was designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979.

Many office furniture manufacturers use the word Ergonomic simply as a marketing tool to sell more of their products. However, the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair has now changed the way one would sit and work at a desk. What it does is, it redistributes the bodies weight and stress points so that a person can work in a sitting position much longer without having any back pains or neck pains.

When you look at the picture, it is clear that a Kneeling chair as the name states puts you in a kneeling position. This permits the body weight to be distributed evenly between the comfortable seat of the chair and the cushioned knee rests. As this position changes the overall balance of the body unlike a traditional desk chair, where the stress is always on the back and neck. The Ergonomic kneeling chair does not need a backrest as it places you in a forward leaning position which eliminates the need for a backrest.

Good Healthkneeling chair 01

Quite simply, the posture that the ergonomic kneeling chair places you in leads to a pain-free workday. Your shoulders are relaxed, and your arms are free to move without strain. What’s important is that a kneeling chair will always have your back and neck in an upright posture that will minimize strain and stress. This will make you feel more energetic, and you will notice a vast difference in your productivity.

Health is paramount and is priceless. If you are young and fit now, you may think the kneeling chair is not for you. However, as you age the kneeling chair will help you have a pain and stress-free workday. The kneeling chair will also keep your back and spine in good shape so that when you retire you can be independent and healthy.

So always think of the future and even the present as your health is your wealth.

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